Need More Space? In today’s tough business environment, finding low-cost, high-quality solutions to increasing office, production and storage space is critical. An in-plant building, mezzanine or combination is the solution!

In-Plant Offices

In-plant offices are designed, engineered and prefabricated offices to fit the space you have. These offices can be easily installed and dismantled if necessary. These units have multiple functions including creating an office work space for an individual or a team or providing the ability to move your supervisory function closer to the operation, These units install in a fraction of the time that new construction would take and it allows you to continue operations during installation. These modular buildings also come with a variety of options to make the space as functional and comfortable including windows, modular plug and play wiring, lighting, electrical receptacles and more. NL MODULAR can help you design and install this low cost option for additional workspace.


Structural Steel Mezzanines can transform a unused vertical space into additional floor space for a variety of industrial or retail functions. These are typically free standing structures that can be easily and quickly set up and then dismantled and relocated if necessary. The deck, which can be a variety of materials, is supported by structural steel columns and cross members.  The advantages of installing a mezzanine include increasing work are without increasing building size and associated costs of construction. The quick and easy installation means additional workspace in a fraction of time.


National Research Council Testing Observation Building 

Department of Defense Multi-purpose Mezzanine and Storage

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