NL MODULAR also manufactures other products as well as supplies products that we have worked with in our operations that we believe will enhance your project. . We are adding these items as we continue to expand our products line. Check our site for updates!

  • Garden Studios, Equipment Storage Shelters, Sheds – A purpose-built structure can enhance your home and provide the functionality you need for storage, equipment shelters or simply a garden get away. NL MODULAR can provide built to your design or suggest a custom designed building to suit your needs. Our approach is to produce unique designs to suit your style and the style of your existing home. Unlike other providers, design is foremost with our construction team and, as always, the attention to detail and production of high quality is our primary concern.  All of our buildings are built to national building and electrical codes and our crew of experienced, trained carpenters will ensure that your building will provide years of worry-free service and function.

NL MODULAR has also worked with a number of products during its operations and is able to source these products to provide you with the materials and equipment to complete your project.  We are adding new products as we find ones that we believe will enhance your project.  Check our site for updates!

  • Steel cladding and roofing is often the choice of siding for commercial and industrial buildings however, it is also gaining popularity in residential usage as well. The advantages of durability, low maintenance and a wide range of colour, thickness and profile options is making it more attractive to builders of all types. NL MODULAR can help you determine the amount you need and the associated accessories, have it delivered to your work site and install if you require it.
    • Siding of various profiles, gauges and colours.
    • Trims to match a variety of colour design schemes.
    • Fasteners.
  • Portable water supply tanks (100 gallon) comes with a built-in, on-demand pump. This system work well to provide water in construction trailers or lunch trailers, cabins or any temporary building. It can also be added to an additional tank or tanks to provide additional volume.

  • Portable holding tanks (300 gallon) provide a perfect solution for waste holding where traditional plumbing options are not available. The low profile design provides the opportunity to store the waste holding under the rest area ensuring a tidy and attractive site. The design provides several connection options to ensure that set-up is easy and functional.


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