Modular construction is not a new concept, it has been around for decades!

It is a process in which construction is completed in a manufacturing facility using the same materials and building codes as on-site construction. In the design phase, the final structure is broken down into modules that are constructed in a factory under controlled conditions, shipped to the site and assembled into the final building. The advantages of modular building are a faster construction time and lower wastage which means lower cost and less environmental impact.

Modular building also means better management of quality throughout the construction process. At NL MODULAR, materials are stored within the manufacturing facility preventing deterioration and damage from the environment. Working under controlled conditions ensures that our manufacturing process is never compromised by less-than-optimal conditions.

The bottom line for our customers . . . a higher quality building in less time at lower cost!

Additional benefits of modular building include removing most of the construction activities from the job site which means less disruption to the area and increases overall safety by reducing the amount of time you have to control the safety and security, for you and the public, of your job site.

The modular approach can be applied to any building concept from simple one module buildings to multi-module, multi-story buildings. Contact us today to learn how modular can benefit your project!